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On Brave Wings

Focused on supporting pediatric chordoma patients and their families.

Welcome to the On Brave Wings Foundation.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation that was started after the death of our youngest daughter, Sloane. She was 18 months old when she died from a rare pediatric chordoma, a skull based brain tumor. Our mission is to spread the word about pediatric chordoma, to raise money for pediatric chordoma research and to help families affected by childhood cancers.

Pediatric chordoma research at the Chordoma Foundation

Very little is known about pediatric chordomas.  They are rare, bone based tumors that can be very aggressive.  Our mission, and that of the Chordoma Foundation, is to create a treatment plan for pediatric chordoma, research targeted  therapies and test drugs that will eventually be used to cure children like Sloane. 

Events and Fundraisers

Through in-person events and virtual fundraisers, we strive to raise awareness and funds to cure pediatric chordoma.  Check out what we have planned!



Thank you for your interest in On Brave Wings. If your family has been affected by pediatric Chordoma or someone you know has, please reach out.  It is a lonely place to be and only someone who has walked in your shoes truly understands.

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