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To the parents of Uvalde

To the parents of Uvalde, I hurt with you.

Like you, I was not with my child when she died.

Like you, I didn't get to say goodbye.

Like you, I know the pain of losing your child suddenly and tragically.

Like you, I couldn't breathe.

Like you, I screamed.

Like you, my world fell apart.

Like you, I had to get up the next day when I didn't want to.

Like you, I woke up thinking I needed to get her ready for the day, only to have the world crash down on me again when I realized she was not here anymore.

To the parents of Uvalde, I stand with you.

I cry with you.

I hear you.

I sit in the pain with you.

I am angry like you.

I am broken like you.

To the parents of Uvalde, none of this is okay.

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